Routes and Sights

OrsonRent is not just a motorhome rental company. We offer an overall concept for your holidays with fully equipped motorhome and tailor made routes which saves you valuable preparation time and without losing the main sights. All in your own pace of course and with all the freedom that characterises a motorhome holiday.

Some examples:

Eastern Spain and Andalucía:

A wonderful 3 week holiday which takes you along historic cities like Tarragona, Valencia, Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Toledo; along beautiful beaches, picturesque coastal towns and untouched natural parks. You will experience the old mystical Spain with its Moorish, Jewish and Catholic history full of spectacular architecture, passionate music and refined local culinary specialties.

Recommended traveling period: September until June.





Coast to Coast

This journey takes you in two weeks from the Mediterranean Coast, along the south side of the Pyrenees and the Basque Country to the Cantabrian (Atlantic) Coast. On route you can enjoy the tranquillity of the Spanish mountain culture with its characteristic villages, remarkable castles, monasteries and stretched natural parks but also from historic vibrant cities like Pamplona, Zaragoza, Bilbao and of course San Sebastian. For gourmets, wine and tapas lovers this is paradise. Many lovely restaurants and wine houses on spectacular locations invite you to enjoy the presence of authentic local population far away from mass tourism. If you want to explore Galicia you can extent this journey to 3 weeks.

Recommended traveling period May-June and Sept-October



The black Forest and Alsace.

A magnificent two weeks journey which takes you to the German Black Forest and the French Alsace with their picturesque villages, exuberant castles, precious mountain lakes, impressive waterfalls and literally the world’s biggest cuckoo clocks. There is nothing better than to stroll around on the cobblestones of  historic ¨fairy tale villages¨ and to enjoy the local delicacies of lovely romantic restaurants.





Other routes:

  • Spain and Portugal (30d)
  • Austria(14 d)
  • Switzerland(10 d)
  • France: The west Coast and Bretagne(14d)
  • The French and Italian Alpes(14d)
  • Italy: Tuscany(14d)