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From Ken (USA):

We had a wonderful experience for 11 days in one of Orson’s motorhomes over semana santa (Easter holy week). We picked it up from Barcelona, and drove down the coast into Andalucía, and back. The motorhome worked like a charm – it ran as expected.  All equipment worked and had no issues – the refrigerator, stove, beds, toilet, and servicing. I was mightily impressed. We were novices and Orson helped us in many ways: guidance on multiple fronts: highways, travel plans, timing, an absolutely perfect walkthrough (no exaggeration – he hit all the points needed) with a clear, clean and thorough guidebook for the motorhome. He also picked up the phone every time I rang – which was few and far between (and could have been answered via a review of the guidebook. Orson had a complete understanding of what we were trying to accomplish – not just see a large part of Spain – but to do so with my family, as a first timer, and during a busy time. Trust him and tell him exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. We had plenty of storage space under the motorhome. We were able to bring 2 bikes, a folding table and 2 chairs, along with lots of beach toys. And there was still plenty of room for the existing gear, and a big box of extra food. (edited)


From Sagi (Israel)

We rented a motorhome from Orson. It was a great experience. The vehicle we got was a high quality vehicle. It was super clean and very well equipped. You could have felt that someone thought of all the little details. Orson himself was so nice and helpful. The process of returning the vehicle was smooth and easy. This was by far the best RV experience we had. Another good reason to plan one more trip to Spain.